Open Call for Entries:  HEART
Deadline: Jan. 29     Opening Feb. 24

The heart is a symbol of love--romance at Valentines day.  The classic heart shape resembles not the human heart, but ideals of the female body.  In Old English,1000 years ago, heart carried the notion of memory, the seat of mental faculties.  This survives in our expression of learning something by heart.  And in all Asian languages the word for Mind is the same as the word for Heart--hard to imagine in the West, where we firmly place our minds and identity in our heads.  

The Latin root of courage, typically a masculine concept, is heart; the true heart unites love and bravery. The heart chakra is the center of the body, where spirit meets form, where masculine meets feminine, and the energy is of balance and integration.  In Sanskrit, it means "un-struck"--the celestial sound ringing without the clash of opposites.  

Important Dates
Jan. 29: Deadline–submissions must be emailed or received by 12am.
Feb 8:  Notification of accepted work sent to artists
Feb. 16-18: Delivery of accepted work to gallery
Feb 24: Opening Reception at Front Street Gallery

Works in all mediums will be considered. We prefer that some of the artwork be created for this show, keeping in mind the theme.

Up to four images may be submitted. Email images to  Image files Jpegs, at least  6 inches on the longest side.  Please label image files clearly: Artist name, title, medium, dimensions of work and price of each item submitted.  Links may be submitted as long as all of the above information is included.  

Hanging fee: $25 for each accepted work.  Fees due upon delivery to gallery. An artist statement reflecting the body of work represented is optional. Curated by Jeanette Rodriguez.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at  Or call 917 880 5307.

Eligibility:  Hangable artwork including prints, drawings, photographs, paintings, and mixed media, plus sculpture.  Works may not exceed 48" in any dimension.  All works must be suitably prepared to hang and include wire or fixed hardware.  No sawtooth hangers.  All work must be for sale.  A 40% commission will be charged by the gallery, and must be included in artist’s set price. Hanging fees are non-refundable.  Every care will be taken to provide for the safety of all artwork.  FSG its officers and agents will not  be responsible for any loss or damage.  FSG does not insure entries and exhibits. Works will be handled and exhibited at artist’s own risk.  Front Street Gallery reserves the right to reject or replace any work that it deems substantially different from the work as represented in digital form and description.  All packaging material must be removed by the artist at the time of drop off.  Packing material WILL NOT be stored or provided at time of drop off and pick up. Reasonable requests will be considered.